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I am a true believer of FAMILY! I am a mother of six beautiful children ranging in ages from three to seventeen! A wife, of twenty years, to my high school sweetheart and love of my life. I truly enjoy my job as wife and mother. I also enjoy cooking, gardening and researching almost anything. As a family we have been on a personal transformation to live a life that respects our earth and hope to share our adventures with others, in hopes of keeping our world healthy for many, many generations to come.

My Herb Garden!

Here is the herb garden in May, it had been in for a couple of weeks! Everything seems to be doing really well!

We planted lots of things in there, over 30 plants, including: spearmint, peppermint, curled peppermint, sweet mint, oregano, dill, cilantro, sage, dwarf lavender, roman chamomile, basil, Italian basil, lemon balm, french tarragon, wormwood, cinnamon basil, penny royal, rosemary, stevia, catmint, hyssop, lemon grass, basil, St. Johns wort, lemon mint, American blue basil, thyme, German chamomile, catnip, lavender, and echinacea!

I have waiting and waiting and waiting for things to really get going. The reality is that this is the first year for our garden space … we literally just tilled up spots of lawn area! And the soil is not perfect by any means so things are moving along slowly but they are moving along!

Here is another snap shot of the herb garden taken the first of June … see things are growing!

Even the catnip and聽 German camomile that I started from seeds are growing! I also planted lavender and echinacea seeds but I have not yet been able to determine the plant from the weeds … so we will see what happens with them.

I’ve been doing a little research on the best ways to harvest and store herbs … I do like grabbing them fresh but my ultimate goal is to preserve them for a years worth of use! So I borrowed (from wonderful friends) a dehydrator and I am going to see how that works! My hope is to harvest and dry enough to last through the winter months!

Today I went out and weeded and pinched flowers and even harvested some oregano, St. Johns wort, spearmint, sage, sweet mint, German camomile and catmint!

See who was super happy about the catmint! I was literally in the house for about 30 seconds when from all corners of the house, four cats arrived at my feet! Crazy cats!

As I am no expert at gardening and this is my first herb garden … any and all ideas are welcomed and appreciated!

With Peace, Love and Kindness,


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