A Little About Me:

I am a true believer of FAMILY! I am a mother of six beautiful children ranging in ages from three to seventeen! A wife, of twenty years, to my high school sweetheart and love of my life. I truly enjoy my job as wife and mother. I also enjoy cooking, gardening and researching almost anything. As a family we have been on a personal transformation to live a life that respects our earth and hope to share our adventures with others, in hopes of keeping our world healthy for many, many generations to come.

Hey Out There!

So it has been forever … several times in the past year or so I have started to log again and fizzled out … I like blogging! I like sharing and it is kind of like a journal for me BUT I have a hard time taking time from my schedule to do it! So once again I am seeking a purpose I suppose … does anyone read this?


Would you drop me a quick comment if you read this and let me know why you are still around … inspire me … what would you like to see here?

Thanks so much!

Peace, love and kindness,





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7 comments to Hey Out There!

  • Chris O'Neill

    I check in occasionally, I like to keep up to date with what’s going on with you all!

  • I’m still here! I would love to know more about how life has been going for you guys! I know I follow you on Facebook, but small snippets are different, you know? :)

    How goes the garden??

  • Amy @ Six Flower Mom

    Thanks, Chris!

  • Amy @ Six Flower Mom

    Thanks, Heather … I am going to try to get back at it!

  • Hi Amy,
    It’s been quite a while since I’ve called in, just wanted to say hi.
    I was having the same problem keeping up with blogging – I was thinking “who really wants to know all about my kids’ athletics carnival and our cat’s surgery?”

    I’ve started painting in the last year, so that’s what I’m sharing now, rather than ditch the lot and start somewhere new with an art blog.
    Not sure if it’s the best solution, but I’m selling my art now, so I suppose I ‘need’ a blog and I’ve already got the url.

    Something I read recently that’s related was that people read posts that have fewer words & more pictures.
    So maybe just post a few pictures with a few words between them to describe what you’ve been doing.

    That’s something I’ve been trying and I’ve found the idea of sitting down to write a post much less time consuming.
    I just need to get organised with photographing & scanning my art more often so I can add it to my blog ;)

    Sorry for the ramble… hope it helps you though.
    {{{hugs}}} Jane xx

  • Amy @ Six Flower Mom

    Thanks so much for the ‘ramble’ Jane! It means a lot to me that you took the time to stop by and chat! I am just an awful blogger at the moment! I am going to go check out your blog! Hugs back to you.

  • Amy, It’s been a very long time since we talked. We used to all the time. I took a long blogging break, but am back. How have you and your family been ? Any updates ? Hope to talk soon.

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