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I am a true believer of FAMILY! I am a mother of six beautiful children ranging in ages from three to seventeen! A wife, of twenty years, to my high school sweetheart and love of my life. I truly enjoy my job as wife and mother. I also enjoy cooking, gardening and researching almost anything. As a family we have been on a personal transformation to live a life that respects our earth and hope to share our adventures with others, in hopes of keeping our world healthy for many, many generations to come.

Friday Flashback – Spring Fever

Apparently I am have a case of the Winter Blahs and Spring Fever. While looking at pictures I found some pictures from our old house in Vermont.

IMG_1236When we bought this house I thought it was my dream house, an old Victorian that needed LOTS of work, but the price was right … now have you ever seen the movie The Money Pit with Tom Hanks, if you have that is all I have to say, if you have not, watch it, it is really funny!

IMG_1242But there were some wonderful memories and we made a nice home. One thing that I loved is we planted sunflowers, gorgeous, huge sun flowers! I love sun flowers!!!

IMG_1240It has been six years since these pictures were taken! WOW! Time flies. It has been almost three years since we sold our house, which means it has been that long since I have planted sunflowers … I am going to plant them this year! Just as soon as I can!

IMG_1239Hope you have a sun shiny day!!

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